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The DDoS Report

The complete guide to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks for developers and operators.

DDoS attacks deserve more attention

Anyone with a browser can launch a DDoS attack today. A quick Google search will reveal services that allow anyone to launch such attacks anonymously. Small-scale attacks start from $5, and free trials are often available. Unsurprisingly, DDoS attacks are on the rise, which may intensify as Internet connectivity improves worldwide, and more vulnerable IoT devices come online.

These attacks not only infringe on our freedom but also have a significant financial impact. Anyone with an online presence, from hobbyists to Fortune 500 companies, can be a target. Furthermore, they pose a threat to the decentralisation of the Internet, as only well-resourced companies can afford to operate and protect the public goods on which we all depend.

Fortunately, although developers and operators can’t avoid DDoS attacks, they can greatly minimise the impact of such attacks. Reverse proxies (aka CDNs) are a great starting point, but they should be part of a broader strategy.

Help needed

We’d very much appreciate any feedback from companies with vantage points on DDoS attacks, as well as security researchers. If we’ve misrepresented anything, or overlooked details relevant to app developers or operators, please let us know on our forum.